Art by M. Iglesias

Contemporary Artist / Art Instructor

Leopard Man


30x40 inches acrylic on canvas

Monument Valley, Arizona


16x20 inches acrylic on canvas

Ocean Ripple into Beach   


11x14 inches acrylic on canvas

Animal Butts


27x46 inches acrylic on canvas

Man on Bench at Beach

$650   30x40 inches acrylic on canvas

"Queen Angelfish"

$550 24x48 inches 

acrylic on canvas

"Rotting Pumpkins"    


12x12 inches acrylic on canvas

Ocean Wave   


24x36 inches acrylic on canvas

"Sahara Desert, Merzouga Morocca"


30x48 inches oil on canvas

Pontoosac Lake view of Mount Greylock    $250  

11x24 inches acrylic on canvas

"Karolinenbrucke, Caroline Bridge Salzburg Austria over River Salzach"

$650   24x48 inches oil on canvas

"Lake Fishing"


16x20 inches acrylic on canvas

Green Wave   


11x14 inches acrylic on canvas

"Rotting Apple"    


11x14 inches water color on paper



11x14 inches acrylic on canvas

"Ladybug Daisy"


36x36 inches acrylic on canvas

"Blue Jay"    


16x20 inches acrylic on canvas

"Sea Gull Reflection"    


11x14 inches acrylic on canvas

Green Sun Flower


30x40 inches oil on canvas

"One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Osprey"

$750 24x48 inches oil on canvas



48x60 inches oil & acrylic on canvas



30x48 inches acrylic on canvas

"Cloudy Sky, Michael's Parking Lot"


24x36 inches acrylic on canvas

Green Sun Flower


30x40 inches oil on canvas

Chowder $250

Pug/Rat Terrier mix

12x24 inches acrylic on canvas

Chopper $250

French Bulldog & Boston Terrier

12x24 inches acrylic on canvas

Faucet Flower Drop


38x38 inches oil on canvas

Leaping Frog   


16x20 inches oil on canvas

Something Found


16x20 inches oil on canvas

Irish Jig Dancing Feet

$1,000     30x40 inches acrylic on canvas

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Tight Rope Walker

$1,200   30x40 inches acrylic on canvas